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The three of us have just returned yesterday from a Mediterranean cruise, Mary, myself and you (book form!). I was nearly divorced because I could not let you out of my hands. I enjoyed your book so much, some times so funny, some times so sad, but all the time so interesting.

Congratulations and the very best of luck with it, I hope you sell a million copies.

Well done,will talk with you soon

Mary K

Hi Pascale,

Loved your story in the Sunday Independent paper, well done to you and your husband. I hope that you area ble to get lovely fresh bread now 🙂 It’s so important to have an attitude of gratitude, regardless of how little we have. Regards.


Hi Pascale

I wish to heartily congratulate you on your book. What an interesting parcours! What aliveness and giftdness! I cried at some of the stories. I burst out laughing at your reaction to expressions such as ”your man” and ”up the walls”. I was moved by your extraordinary sequel to that motorbike accident. You are an admirable lady! And you make soda bread!


Got your book this morning, couldn’t put it down, well done


Thank you so much for your book and your inspiring story, I couldn’t put it down


Well done on going after your dream and achieving it


I couldn’t put down your book, your story is very interesting and inspiring


You are such an inspiration and always confirm what we all need to trust . Ask and you will receive. Trust that you are all you need and everything is there for you. A million blessings on your beautiful soul


Beautiful read, I loved the angel stories, it inspired me to think more of what I want in life rather than what I don’t wan


Just begun reading your book, Pascale. I would advise anyone to buy it. It holds one’s interest from the very beginning. Thanks, you are one of life’s treasures .. delighted to know you all these years


Hi there, love your story, just read it in the Sunday Independent, I’m from Adare, and I live in complete gratitude of life, truly thankful, sending you love and light.

Pauline Fairgreen

Hi Pascale, thank you for the copy of the Sunday Independent, I will put it up in the clinic, love your website!