“Trust me, Follow me  Sincerely, Your Intuition”

French-born Pascale was 31 when she first arrived in Ireland in 1991 Her spiritual journey began as described in her first book “Always there for you”.

From musician to beautician, Pascale developed a few other arrows to her bow by letting her creativity shine. From her Happiness Cards to her Happiness Diaries, My Green Journal with Benjy, her jewellery and much more, Pascale follows her intuition. It’s not without hurdles and obstacles that she finally learned to trust herself, her gut feeling.

In this book, you will learn how she overcame her difficulties and how you too can make your life more flowing and more fulfilling by following your intuition.

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“Always There For You”

Text On The Back Of The Cover:

“As Pascale’s healing energy flowed and her heart opened, synchronicity brought her into contact with the realm of Angels. She not only expanded to be able to channel their healing energy in her work, but she expanded to see their loving hands guiding, directing, surrounding and protecting her in her life. You will delight in sharing the angelic miracles of healing that Pascale has facilitated. From airport Angels, to Angels for grumpy nurses, Pascale beautifully shares her stories testifying to the Angels at work in many of her life’s encounters. Once Pascale’s story has touched your heart, the Angels will always be there for you too.”

Stevan J.Thayer Director, The Center of Being, Inc. Author, “Interview with an Angel” and founder of Integrated Energy Therapy.

“This is a genuine book from a genuine person who has overcome so much to share her Angel stories with a wider audience. The beauty is in the simple trusting and letting go that Pascale demonstrates in her unique fun loving way. A must read for anyone who loves Angels.”

Jane DonaldAuthor of “Sacred Messages from Sacred Ireland.

Cover Photograph: George Thompson

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“My Green Journal with Benjy”

Much MUCH more than an ordinary diary, it will help the child to think and reflect on certain topics and on himself too, in a gentle and fun way.

Benjy is an adorable penguin who teaches children many things about the environment, recycling, the animals, the sea, the flowers, the plants, the trees and science.

At the end of every week, there is either a drawing time or a making-things time.

There is no date on each day, the child puts the date himself, so that parents can purchase the book any time of the year, and the child is not under any pressure to start or finish the book at a certain time.

There is a system of stickers which rewards the child every time he responds to Benjy’s call to action, regarding the environment and recycling.

There is a diploma at the end of the year from Benjy Academy, to thank the child to have helped him taking care of the planet.

432 pages, one page per day.

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“Healing – My own Story”

Bill Parfrey

Known for many years throughout Ireland as “the Cork healer”, Bill Parfrey has acceded to public demand and written the story of his life. We learn, not only of his healing experiences but his psychic experiences as well.

Bill takes the trouble to examine the many facets that made his life so intersting and so gives us an insight, not only of the man but what made the man.

His book is written for you. There are no conditions attached to reading it. If it also helps you it has achieved his ambition.

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