Dear Pascale, I am following my morning routine. I read my happiness card, consult my happiness diary to see what I have on today and there I met you briefly when I was with my daughter in law in a restaurant. I love the little quirky cards to start my day and the journal keeps me focused on happiness. Thank you.


Hi Pascale, you dropped a beautiful present to my house earlier for me today. I must say it is a beautiful heart-warming event for me today. To receive such a fantastic gift from a stranger just doesn’t happen to me! I’m blown away with your kindness. Here’s a big thank-you hug and wishing you many blessings in your life and business.


Pascale, I just want to say a huge thank you!  I love my diary but your wonderfully kind and very generous presents, you have no idea how much you have brightened up my day (my week in fact). You’re incredibly kind and so talented. My bracelet is on as we speak, my keyring is on the keys, but my daughter has nicked my earrings before I got a chance to even try them on Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will order 2 more diaries for 2 friends as Xmas presents… I love mine.


Thank you so so much, I am just so overwhelmed by your generosity. The diary is absolutely beautiful, your attention to detail…. In these uncertain times this has given me more optimism and hope for 2021.


I love Pascale’s creations! Her colourful custom jewellery, made with gorgeous beads from all over the world to match every outfit is a delight! And now, the new line of silver handmade jewellery is just stunning and it is such a personal gift to offer to someone special! From my Mum, my sons, daughter-in-law, friends, to my students, I have found the most original gifts amongst Pascale’s works of art! My latest favourite is “Benji’s green journal” ,an incredibly clever diary for children, in the context of the environment care, that my own students absolutely adore! And of course I couldn’t live without my “Happiness Diary” and happiness cards! My Happiness Diary accompanies me with love and positive inspirational thoughts throughout my days and weeks for the past 2 years! I can’t wait for the new one! In the meantime, happy shopping with all of Pascale’s beautiful treats! A true Angel she is!! 


Pascale, I received my parcel today, and I was blown away by your generosity! I absolutely loved the extra gifts you enclosed in your parcel, that was so thoughtful. I adore my Happiness Diary, there has been so much thought going into it, all the details, and your fabulous photography, it’s a delight! Thanks again, I will be ordering again from you.


Pascale, I just purchased a sterling silver bracelet from you, as a present for my daughter’s 21st birthday. She couldn’t believe how beautiful and original it was. Thank you also for the extra gifts, I love the angel keyring and the bracelet.


I have just received my order today and I have to say I was blown away! My Green Journal with Benjy is absolutely fantastic and will delight my two children and nephews and nieces. The amount of detail is incredible, and you put so much work into it. Thank you so much for your little gifts you included in my order, that is so kind of you. I will be ordering again nearer to Christmas.


After having bought your two previous Happiness Diaries, I couldn’t wait to get the 2021 diary, and I wasn’t disappointed. How beautiful and inspiring. I already have your Happiness Cards and I love them. Thank you!


Thank you so much Pascale for my Happiness Diary. It arrived today and just flicking through it lifted my spirit! You are gifted.


Pascale I received the Journal with Benjy this morning and what a joy it was reading through it. You have put so much into it, there is so much to do and read, I know my son will love it. I am nearly tempted to give it to him now rather than waiting for Christmas!


I have received my Happiness Cards this morning and I was delighted to see the little gifts you sent as well! I had met you in the City Hall body and mind fair last year and I really loved the chat we had and your energy. Keep up your wonderful work.


Pascale I had to write to you. I have ordered your happiness cards a while ago and I have to say, they saved me from making a terrible decision. I am forever grateful to you.


I just opened my parcel and I was so touched by the extra gifts. How thoughtful. I love my diary and now that I saw it, I realise that my friends would benefit from it as well. I will be onto you again to re-order. Thank you again for your kindness.


Pascale, what great service thank you so much, looking forward to helping the children with their diaries. Best of luck with all your endeavours .


Thank you so much for delivering my order and for the extra lovely jewellery.

I’ll tell the other school mums how professional you are.  (I’m a Nana and guardian !)

Best regards


Hi Pascale, thanks so much for dropping My Green Journal with Benjy and also for the extra gift, the jewellery is gorgeous. My son and daughter are very happy with the book.


Benjy is a beautiful book, I’d love one myself. It’s very unique yet will appeal to so many kids, it’ll be a sell-out. I was looking through it thinking how well thought out it was, it’s just the right book for the times we live in, and a great way for kids to learn especially if they’re not into reading. They will be well informed with so much fun.


Pascale,a huge thank you for the presents you included in my order, because of Covid my husband and I are staying in West Cork, and only got the diaries today; they are beautiful and I’m very sure that J. and B. who are getting them will be thrilled. Again thank you so much,  what wonderful service and such a thoughtful gift. Hope the next weeks are very busy for you and wishing you a happy Christmas and continued success in 2021. Kind regards


Hello Pascale, my kids and I met you at the stall yesterday and purchased two of your Benjy green journals! We started them today and we love them! Thank you so much for creating a book that will allow us to spend precious time together while also learning about so much. Thank you again, best of luck with your beautiful business.


Hi Pascale, thanks so much for the gifts, everything is good for the soul. I have been reading the Happiness Diary. I see an influence of Eckart Tolle and the Power of Now and his other book that I like more: A New Earth. Your diary invites the owner to reconnect with oneself and with the universe around us. Your photographs are brilliant, my daughter and husband were admiring them. They transport you the observer into those places or those images. They are very powerful. Thanks again for everything.


Angel Cards Readings Testimonials:

Many thanks for the lovely journal with Benjy. I think they are so perfect for children. Love the little fact on each page. The question at the bottom is quite thought provoking and could give a parent a great insight into how a child is thinking.


I was looking back on my e-mail where you did a reading back in April by looking at my CV and photo and you said to have a back up plan and it could not be more true. I am still working at the same company but I know it is not for me long term. I pray now that the angels will open the door next week to a beautiful job.

You also told me that a few of the cards that showed up were healing cards. Many times I have been told in the past that I have healing hands but again I never believed it. You also said to forget the past and I am always looking back instead of forward. Yes you have a good gift, continue to use it. Bill Parfrey would be proud of you.

Mary D.

I had an angel reading with Pascale recently. I found it to be a very accurate reading, pinpointing accurately current personal issues. Guidance was shared in a very affirmative reassuring manner-the guidance given has already proven to be very accurate and very helpful for me making decisions relating to my career.


EFT Testimonials:

EFT has allowed me to reach a place of inner calmness and shed some of the trapped feelings of hurt that I had carried for years


Having experienced EFT to solve my biscuit and coffee craving after lunch each day, I found the craving totally left me and I had no interest anymore in biscuits after lunch. It didn’t even enter my head. It was totally successful for me.


I came for EFT because I had an issue of childhood abuse, and my life, I realised after the session, had ben full of fear, anger and resentment. All these emotions were gone by the end of the session, and I was ready to live my life the way I should have been living it all along. Very grateful to Pascale, her gift and her sensitivity and compassion helped me a great deal.


Dear Pascale, thank you so much for the help you gave me when I was having EFT treatments with you. Your compassion and intuition helped resolve my obsessional thoughts about my weight. Since having EFT, I rarely think about my weight and it has freed my mind to focus on the things that are actually important to me. I will be coming back to have further sessions on some other issues I have. Thanks again.


I came for EFT because I was very unhappy in my job and with the help of EFT, it reinforced my decision to leave, which turned out to be an excellent choice. It helped me see that my own instincts were right and that it was time to move on. I found EFT an excellent way to release negative thoughts and feelings and to replace them with a positive and constructive outlook.


I love the way Pascale uses humour to defuse a situation and her intuition is amazing. She said things during the tapping that even I had difficulties admitting, and I was wondering, how does she know! I was amazed because she didn’t know me at all, or my situation, yet she read them correctly and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I am very grateful to Pascale as my “bullied at work” issue resolved when I came back to work.


For five years, I had gout in my right ankle. This was immensely painful and it affected my everyday life from cycling to hill walking and even standing still for long periods. I was concerned enough to go to University Hospital for an X-ray to check out my ankle and it showed no damage. After Pascale spoke to me about EFT, I decided to give it a go, putting aside my usual scepticism about alternative medicine. I had one fifteen minutes treatment and I have had no pain for the past few years. I would heartily recommend EFT to anyone who had long term pain.