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Part 2

Part 2 – Angel Stories

“These angel stories are told as I remember them and they happened within the last 15 years from 1996 when I really started to connect with my Guardian Angel first. I knew about angels long before as Bill educated me about them little by little but as I was reading more and more material about angels I grew the confidence to ask them for help. Angels are always there for you.”

Last Minute Rescue!

I remember very vividly the very first time I asked my guardian angel for help and the reason was that I had been in danger and I was very scared. I used to own my own beauty salon and I was giving a man a massage. Unknown to me, he wanted more than a massage. Sad, I know, in this day and age, when all my diplomas were all over the walls stating that I was a bone fide beauty therapist and a therapeutic massage therapist. But there you go; some people only see what they want to see. It was night time, the building was empty so I had broken rule number one which is to always ensure there is someone there, which being new to owning my own place, I didn’t know. I learned fast, believe me. I was in the middle of giving him his massage and for some reason, I felt very uncomfortable. Call it intuition; I’d prefer to say it was my angels trying to warn me. He asked me for something I was not in the least prepared to give him, and I started pleading with my guardian angel to save me. “Please, my guardian angel, if you really exist (remember it was my first time connecting with my angel) do something; make me safe, make him stop and realize he’s being rude and ignorant”.

I was really frightened as nothing was happening and the man was growing impatient, when, about 5 minutes later, the miracle happened. I heard footsteps going up the stairs. I muttered excuses to my client and fled from the room to see who was there. It was Patricia, one of the other massage therapists who worked on the floor above me. The relief I felt when I saw her was indescribable. I was practically in tears, shaking and in a state of shock when I asked her to wait for me at the door and to make as much noise as possible to let the man know that I wasn’t on my own anymore. It worked because when I came back in the room, the man never said another word and left as fast as he could.

I then left safely with Patricia. I never did find out what she was doing in the building at that hour of the night. When I asked her to stay she did so without going up to her room and was there until we both left. I was too shaken to think of asking her why she was there. So after that little episode, I was safe in the knowledge that I was looked after by my angels. I haven’t stopped believing since as well as imparting my knowledge to as many of my family and friends as I can.

Take No For An Answer!

The other day my Mum rang me to tell me a very funny story which proves that angels look after us in a very humorous way sometimes. She was shopping in the supermarket and when she reached the cake and biscuit section she debated whether or not to buy delicious but very fattening biscuits. For about a minute or so, she thought will I, won’t I, when finally she decided that, yes, she would. And just as she was lifting her hand toward the packet, she heard a huge resounding “NO!” behind her. In shock, her hand retreated and she turned around to see where that obvious message was coming from. It came from a mother who was telling her little boy off. My Mum burst out laughing, she knew without a doubt that she had been helped by her angels to make the right choice, which she was thankful for. Sometimes, the angels have a funny way of communicating with us and they’ll use any way at their disposal to convey their message. In this instance, the timing was perfect for this lady to give out to her little boy, preventing him from some mischief and my Mum hearing no and retrieving her hand from the biscuits. If it had not been meant for her, she wouldn’t have heard that no. And the fact that my Mum acted on it, as she’s not a person who can be swayed easily and knows her own mind, proves that instinctively she knew that it was for her highest good.

Miracle In A Pub!

I told another friend of mine, Paul about angels. He’s a musician, with whom I played the bass for seven years and even though we play in different bands now, we still do the odd gig together and it’s always a great laugh. One night we were going to a particular place in the country in East Cork and on the way I could feel Paul tense and worried. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he was dreading the gig as the owner always has to be chased afterwards for payment and he always demands that we play extra time. It’s generally full of quite rough and inebriated young men, so to sum it up, he figured it wouldn’t be a very enjoyable night. Having played there before I remembered the drunken singers trying to grab the microphone from us. Rule number one in a band is that nobody touches the gear; it’s sacred as it is so expensive. So I said to Paul that we would very simply ask our angels to make the night pleasant for us and he agreed. Back in the car after the gig, we were delighted with ourselves. The owner paid Paul within minutes of getting off stage, we had only one singer come up to us and he wasn’t drunk, we didn’t have to play extra time, young people were very drunk as usual but left us alone and the owner even came out as we were getting into the car and struck up conversation with us. That in itself was a miracle!