How your package is sent to you

First I read your order and send you gratitude and angel blessings for choosing my jewellery and liking what I create. Then I go and get the jewellery of your choice.

And so the ritual begins.

I put on some nice relaxing music first, and I take the jewellery reverently from its cosy nest. I delicately spread the blue silk paper at the bottom of the box. I then explain to the necklace (and bracelet and earrings as may be the case) that of course they’re going to be a bit sad leaving me, but I assure them that they’re going to a really good home, and that they will be as loved, admired, cherished and cared for as they are here. Also I love to remind them that they’re going to make someone happy, pretty, elegant, and proud to be wearing them!

Once they’re reassured, (it’s always hard to leave one’s mum for the first time!) I lay them gently on their bed, kiss them goodbye, wrap the paper, close the box softly and ask my angels to fly safely along to its destination and to bless the recipient. (as they’re here, they might as well!) I wave goodbye to the package until I can see it no more and wish the wearer love and light and all the enjoyment at wearing my jewellery!

So as you can see, there is plenty going on behind the scene!