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Article in the Sunday Independent

Published on the 16th of September 2012


Parisian Pascale Lutz had to learn to live all over again after a motorbike accident at 18, says Joy Orpen, but a move to Cork brought her on a spiritual journey.

Growing up in Paris was a mostly idyllic experience for Pascale Lutz. She loved skateboarding past the Eiffel Tower, enjoying hot chocolate at little cafes near the Champs-Elysees, and exploring different art galleries.

Pascale, the eldest of three girls, says theirs was a very happy and loving home. However, she does admit to being slightly rebellious but her wily parents — both in education — were well able for her.

“When I was 14, I came home reeking of cigarette smoke,” she says. “My parents said nothing, but they bought me a packet of cigarettes. When I realised it wasn’t forbidden, smoking lost its appeal.”

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