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“Always there for you”

Foreword by Stevan J. Thayer.

Imagine how you would feel like if one day you were in a near fatal accident which resulted in an injury to your brain that landed you in a coma causing you to lose all memory of yourself, your past, your dreams, your family, and your friends. In essence, in one moment of fate, a divine reset button was pressed and your life was to begin anew.

“Always There for You” is the true account of a brave soul known in this lifetime as Pascale Lutz who not only survived this exact experience, but was launched by her experiences into a spiritual life of exploration and discovery that opened her mind’s eye to see the world in a new and expansive way.

Born and raised in Paris, France, and speaking not a word of English, Pascale followed the invitation of Spirit in her life. As some doors closed and other doors opened, she and her soul mate Xav, passed through these doors and found themselves living in Co. Cork, Ireland.

Recounting the often humorous moments of life’s rediscovery, Pascale reveals the simple beauty of Irish people, customs and life. I’m sure you too will laugh with joy at the many comical language situations that the French-accented Pascale, now speaking Irish-English blunders into. You will also have your heart filled with the warmth of love as you experience the family ties that time and distance could not diminish.

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention and when Pascale’s parents were in need of healing assistance, the new doors opened and Pascale, through a seemingly chance encounter, discovered the world of healers, alternative medicine and holistic treatments. She also discovered that she had a passion and gift for healing. Pascale studied healing and used some of her new-found healing methods on her parents. To everyone’s surprise and delight, her Mum and Dad’s problems disappeared.

Following this confirming experience, Pascale directed more and more of her life’s energy into learning to be a more capable channel of healing so that she could help an ever-widening circle of people in her life.

As Pascale’s healing energy flowed and her heart opened, synchronicity brought her into contact with the realm of angels. She not only expanded to be able to channel their healing energy in her work, but she expanded to see their loving hands guiding, directing, surrounding and protecting her in her life. You will delight in sharing the angelic miracles of healing that Pascale has facilitated.

From airport angels, to angels for grumpy nurses, Pascale beautifully shares her stories testifying to the angels at work in many of her life’s encounters.
Once Pascale’s story has touched your heart, the angels will always be there for you too.

Stevan J. Thayer
The Center of Being, Inc.
Author, “Interview with an Angel”