These are great fun! The hostess receives 10% of my earnings. Then the hostess invites all her friends, prepares something light to nibble on, and drinks, tea, coffee, and I arrive an hour before to set up my jewellery on her dining room table! I have a lovely turquoise blue satin cloth I put on the table to set my jewellery on.

Then when the girls arrive, it’s when the fun and pandemonium begins! There is a lot of giggling, laughing, trying on the jewellery, changing and swapping, asking for advice, adjusting the length of certain necklaces if too long, (I always bring my tools along with me) trying on some more, swapping again, eating, drinking, admiring themselves in the mirror, asking their friend’s opinion, mine, and their friends again, making their mind up, deciding, and lots more laughing!

I always advise the hostess to tell her friends to bring clothes they want to buy jewellery for, to match the exact colour.

The jewellery parties are especially popular around Christmas, and are an ideal idea for birthdays and celebrations, at any time of the year, without breaking the bank!