My Green Journal with Benjy

My Green Journal with Benjy


Much more than an ordinary diary, it will help the child to think and reflect on certain topics and on himself too, in a gentle and fun way.

Benjy is an adorable penguin who teaches children many things about the environment, recycling, the animals, the sea, the flowers, the plants, the trees and science.

At the end of every week, there is either a drawing time or a making-things time.

There is no date on each daily page, so that parents can purchase the book any time of the year, and the child is not under any pressure to start or finish the book at a certain time.

There is a system of stickers which rewards the child every time he responds to Benjy’s call to action, regarding the environment and recycling.

There is a diploma at the end of the year from Benjy’s Academy, to thank the child for helping him taking care of the planet.

432 pages.