May / June 2021 Newsletter

May / June 2021 Newsletter

This month of May and the next month of June are seeing an opening up, as Spring is well underway; the weather is more clement and the lockdown is lifting a bit and we can breathe a bit better.

It is soothing for the mind and the soul to see flowers and trees blooming, and what about the dawn chorus, all the birds singing at the same time in the morning! That is magic and pure, one can only listen reverently and be infused with the authenticity of nature in its most perfect form.

With the travel ban lifting, we can venture further afield and discover hidden treasure of our beautiful Irish countryside. Last week-end we took the motorbikes to go to West Cork and visit Bantry House & Gardens. What a treasure! You can wander around in the gardens, get lost, find your way again and meander in its wonderful greenery especially as the blooming trees display their amazing array of colours. Pure joy!

Find a moment in the week where you have the time to go somewhere quiet, beautiful, peaceful, green if it’s the country, blue if it’s the sea, and ground yourself. Try walking barefoot in the grass or in the sand or even in your bare feet on the edge of the water. Let your mind wander at first, and then try to silence it and listen to any messages that might come to you. That’s your inner guidance, your higher self, your intuition addressing you. Respect it, honour it and listen., take heed. It is precious. It is yours. Savour that moment. Enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy my new website; it has been revamped recently and you can browse around into the different menus and submenus, and explore among all the things that I do, between therapies and jewellery and books. The choice is vast and certainly caters for every taste, be it a present for yourself or for a dear friend or family member.

You can find lovely surprises on the home page, lots of bonus gifts and special offers if you scroll down the page.

I have also added Gift Vouchers, so that you can treat your friends and family!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and I wish you all the best,

Warm wishes,