August/September 2021 Newsletter

August / September 2021 Newsletter

  • In this newsletter, you will find out about my two new publications.
  • How to enjoy the end of the summer.
  • Upcoming new publication!

August is upon us and the next month of September signifies new things, starting afresh, after having had a great summer.


I am launching my new 2022 Happiness Diary and the theme is mindfulness, fun and laughter.

I believe now more than ever we need a good sense of humour in the coming year to bring us through the many ups and downs of the chaos that has been 2021. As you know it makes for the most wonderful gift so order early to avoid disappointment.


I also published a new book titled “Trust me, Follow Me”, Sincerely Your Intuition.

It can be purchased via Amazon and for Kindle or my own website:

“Trust me, Follow me” Sincerely, Your Intuition.

In this book, you will learn how to overcame difficulties and how you too can make your life more flowing and more fulfilling by following your intuition.

I found it vital to trust and follow my instinct, as none of my publications would have seen the light of day had I not followed it. I can see your eyes widen in horror at that thought! Imagine, a world without Happiness Cards or Happiness Diaries! Unthinkable!


How to enjoy the end of the summer

So I said it is coming to the end of the summer, but we are not there yet, we still have a good few weeks to enjoy the sunny weather, or from time to time, trying to avoid the rain between the showers! I feel we can’t complain though, we had a great few weeks of really nice and warm weather, and anyway, in September when the kids go back to school, it’s always nice. True, the evenings are getting shorter, but we can still enjoy a nice stroll in the evening until at least 8 pm or so, and it’s still bright.

What I propose to you to enjoy this time of the year is doing a vision board to state what you wish to do or be, from September on. I host vision board workshops in my house, and it’s always great fun. I can take 6 people, as it’s not a big number and everyone has the room around my big table, with enough space to work on their vision board. I also bake a scrumptious full afternoon tea. The day includes a few meditations so that you are focussed on what you want and need. I can go to your house also if you wish and have a few friends who would like to do the workshop.

For more information and FAQ, click on the link below:


Upcoming new publication: Happiness Cards Volume II!

They will be available in a few months’ time, and their working title, at the moment, is The Feel Good Cards. The theme will be like my 2022 Happiness Diary, mindfulness and laughter. So watch this space!