March/April 2022 newsletter

March/April 2022 Newsletter

In this publication, you will learn about

  • recap for 2021 and craft fairs
  • Upcoming important dates for workshops
  • Vision for 2022
  • New ventures

Recap for 2021

I trust this finds you well and I am so excited for 2022 and I wanted to put together some details of what’s going on for me.

Let me start by saying thank you so much to each of you who supported me while I was at the recent craft fairs during November and December 2021. It was amazing for me to reconnect, meet new friends and to share all the new products that I have been creating.

I was so excited in December when I got to chat with PJ Coogan of 96 FM about My Green Journal with Benjy. PJ loved it and at the time he was promoting books for children within Ireland. Benjy has a lot of exciting projects that he has been working on and I am going to launch them during 2022. Benjy is looking to grow his presence and I have been busy researching how best to move Benjy to a bigger audience and bring more eco awareness to help the planet.

Vision for 2022

Have you given thought to the future you’re creating for yourself? Now is the perfect time as we move into spring to start really allowing yourself some quality time to create the future you deserve. I am so excited to be hosting my vision board workshops again.

I love to create a beautiful space for you to move into stillness and creativity as you design your vision board, and you know it includes my famous afternoon tea! So why don’t you come along, maybe with a friend, to experience this amazing afternoon for yourself. Contact me to book in, you won’t regret it.

Vision board workshop dates are 6th March 2022 and 3rd April 2022.

Please contact me for upcoming dates during May and June for the vision board workshops.

A personal vision for me during 2022 is to take these vision board workshops to as many people as possible and I am delighted that I am joining forces with Seamus Power, and his workshop, “Step away for a day”. Through his company Powering Health, he helps people convert small and sustained lifestyle changes into permanent lifelong benefits. I have included the link to his Facebook page where you can find up and coming dates and locations throughout Ireland. I will be hosting the vision board segment of the event.

Feel Good Cards

Another vision of mine for the coming year is to launch my Feel Good cards. I mentioned these in my previous newsletter, and I am now at the exciting stage where I am working with the graphic designer to bring them to life and in turn into your hands. I know you are going to love these!

Jewelry Design

I am continuing to create some beautiful new sterling silver jewelry. Thank you to those who have purchased my unique pieces to date. I adore creating these pieces as I discover what I can create. I will continue to update you on my creations throughout the coming year.