During the duration of the meeting, I receive messages from your guardian angels. These messages are received in various ways, sometimes I may receive an auditory message, or it may be a certain smell that you associate with or I could see a picture in my mind. These will all relate in some way to you. I use angel cards during this process as it helps to receive additional messages from your guardian angels.
Of course! The angel cards usually help with the messages to convey the answers and messages from your guardian angels.
Angels are a source of vibrational energy and have no ego or agenda in this earthly world. They are solely for your highest good and best intentions. So there won’t be any fear based answers, as the angels are divine love and want only the best for you.
I use angel cards to receive messages for you, I can perform energy cord cutting, energy ball release, limiting belief energy ball release, boomerang technique, past life healing, and clearing and balancing your chakras.

Guardian Angels are you intuition. We all know the answers to all our questions and we have to tap into our inner wisdom to get them. An angel card reading can help you get in touch with that inner wisdom and let you know what you need to know. Sometimes it could be about a change in your life that we might not welcome at first but will prove positive in the long term, for our highest good. The reading could be information about a relationship or a business, finances, friendship, children, life purpose, career, or health.