“It has built my confidence. The tapping exercise really complimented and met my need to advance in my presentation. The angel bits: it has helped me to trust more and deeply. The Runes bit: oh wow! It has blown my mind (logical mind) and now Odin is my best new found friend!”

– M

“Really there is nothing I could fault, as it was a very moving, enjoyable, fun and informative day. I loved being in both your energy, amazing spiritual teachers that will help many along their path. I am so glad I found you and your workshops. I would gladly attend further workshops with a happy heart to meet you both again. All the people I met were wonderful and joyous to be around. I learned a lot for my own spiritual path and journey. I had a lot of questions answered.”


“No improvement needed, 100% enjoyable from start to finish. Very enlightening and surprised at myself to realise I can actually read angel cards. Nathalie and Pascale are such lovely ladies with great energy, humour, style and grace. I would highly recommend this day with the angels to anyone interested.”


“From start to finish, this workshop gave me the space to grow and to believe in myself. As the day went on, I couldn’t believe how easy reading the cards and the runes came. The two hostesses were very helpful and gave a lot of their knowledge to us. Looking forward to working with them again and the afternoon tea. Namaste.”


“It was very enjoyable and informative. The energy was lovely and the practise readings were helpful. Nathalie and Pascale were open, friendly and encouraging. The afternoon tea was beyond delicious! The environment was beautiful. Pascale has a gorgeous home.”


“I cannot think of anything that I would change, except for sitting outside on this nice day. I would like to say thank you to Pascale and Nathalie for a great day, as you were encouraging and inspirational.”


“This workshop was very enjoyable and well organised. I am taking home some useful information today that will improve my business. Tapping technique that I revised will help with any blocks around card reading for the future. I feel today has helped my confidence and to trust more in the information that I have received from my angels. The food was lovely.”