“I believe if people are willing to accept healing and take ownership of healing, this new healing program is going to change lives in a very big way.”Cindy Smith

Pascale is the very first practitioner to introduce this amazing healing modality to Ireland. Developed by Cindy Smith; founder of the Angel Empowerment Practitioner program, and Dr. Carl Le Roux, a Family Physician from Saskatchewan, Canada.

This is a truly INTEGRATIVE modality, designed to work with all levels of change for a client: Emotional, Spiritual, Mental and Physical, unleashing the POWER of the HUMAN MIND and using the SENSE OF TOUCH to flow the healing energy of Archangel Raphael.

One of the most important elements of this healing program is for your practitioner to teach you the Mind Body Spirit connection. This program is unique because it focuses upon the three minds: the CONSCIOUS, UNCONSCIOUS and HIGHER CONSCIOUS minds.

Healing happens when the 3 minds are working together and allowing for change in the individual. Your AEP Hands on Healing Practitioner uses and explains this principle to teach you that you do not have to own an illness or symptom but, with the power of Archangel Raphael, you can be liberated from illness and have perfect health NOW.

“I know this is huge and will change our lives and those of our clients. I truly believe we can be in optimal health. Let’s start allowing it.” Dr. Carl le Roux


As your practitioner flows divine healing energy for your physical healing, he or she will guide you to repeat and state healing language from your CONSCIOUS MIND to your UNCONSCIOUS MIND. This process allows you ownership for HEALING and CHANGE, and brings your conscious mind (free will/ego) into alignment for HEALING to take place. This healing language is unique, developed by Dr. Carl Le Roux, specifically for this program.

You will commit to following through with 4-6 sessions and will be given homework in the form of specifically guided affirmations that you will need to work with for 31 days.

€60 per session