Your trust in Archangel Raphael and all the angels. I will be the conduit for their healing energy.
Around 1hour 30 minutes. The subsequent sessions will be around 1 hour.
You are fully dressed under a nice and comfy blanket and you repeat the words I am saying to you, addressing the systems in your body and the the organs responsible for your illnesses. We will be reprogramming your unconscious mind. I will explain about that as well as shielding. Also I might get the message from the angels that we need to perform one of the techniques that will help remove blockages that might be the cause of your illnesses. That would include energy cord cutting, energy ball release, limiting belief energy ball release or past life related issues. You will be given “homework” to do at home: reading your affirmations we are going to come up with, that will accelerate your healing and reprogram your subconscious.
Yes absolutely. We can go through all the illnesses or discomforts you are suffering from.
4 minimum. Then we can go to 6 sessions. Or more if needed. Then a monthly top-up would be beneficial.