Yes, unless there are other aspects that present themselves post-session. To use an example, a client had come to me for a phobia of spiders. She came away satisfied, until she rang me, because she saw a dangling spider. We had not tapped on a dangling spider, neither a running one, or more than one spider. These were aspects she had not thought about. Very easily rectified.
It obviously depends on the depth of the issue, on the individual and of course if they do their tapping homework, which will help to keep shifting issues. Generally the client feels if he or she needs another session.

You won’t need anything. Just be open to receive healing and remove blocks that spoil your life and prevent you from moving forward in life with joy and peace of mind, and living life to the full.

Yes you may, at the express condition that they are willing to work with EFT (we say “magic fingers” for children) and have not been forced to come, as the result won’t be a positive one. The parent can stay in the room with the child if both parties agree.
No, never. Always consult your doctor as he or she will be the only person able to advise you correctly.
Yes, absolutely. I will teach you how to do it for yourself, and you will be able to try it on everything. You will be amazed, once you try, as you will realise it does indeed work for everything!
That is not a problem. We can “work blind”; you don’t need to speak about what makes you uncomfortable.
You are sitting across from me, and you gently tap on the same points (the meridian of the acupuncture) as I do, on the face, and you repeat the same phrases as I say to you.